Welcome to Idaho Education Watch

Idaho Education Watch is for anyone who values and supports transparency in reporting of education news and policies in Idaho.

We believe that the best forms of education occur at the local level and we oppose the Federal Government being involved in Idaho’s education system.

We strongly oppose Common Core and believe it should be immediately ended in Idaho.

Declaration of Support to End Common Core in Idaho

Petition to the Members of the Idaho Legislature:

Whereas: We the undersigned, desire excellence in education, not mediocrity nor the continued dumbing down of Idaho’s children. We demand that our children be educated, not trained, and;
Whereas: We oppose any and all top-down, one-size-fits-all approaches to educating our children and handcuffing parents and teachers, and;
Whereas: We oppose the U.S. Department of Education’s attempt to establish a national curriculum, and standardized testing, eliminate state and local control, and encroach on local education systems in Idaho under the guise of education and;
Whereas: We oppose the invasion of student and family privacy. Which includes invasive student data mining, gaining personal student and family information through student laptops, tests, surveys, and other sources and;
Therefore: On behalf of parents, teachers, taxpayers, and children of the state of Idaho, We demand that you do everything in your power to see that the Federal Government, Common Core, and it’s testing be removed from our schools and state. We further demand that education decisions be returned to the local level.